I’m getting excited to begin my training for fat viking.  I’ve been reading articles on bikepacking.com about appropriate gear, searching Amazon and debating on the different types of gear bags.  I think back to my longest run: 91km.  I had carried everything I needed in my 20L Salomon pack.  This will be different, though.  I imagine the list of mandatory items will be quite a bit longer due to the simple fact that it’s a winter ultra and a lot more can go wrong.

I settled on a 37L rear pannier bag.  I imagine it will be enough to carry all my racing needs.  

In terms of training, the direction from my current coach was to stick to my standard training plan, but swap out simulation runs for simulation rides.  Basically this means that the bulk of my activities will still be on foot, and I’m quite content with this.  My “simulation” rides start in October, after Golden Ultra.

In order to appropriately mimic the race elevation, I’ll have to hit 200m elevation gain per 10k during these simulation rides.  I’ve got a route picked out and I’m quite excited to see how I do!

Now, only a month and a half to go!

Yes, this is me, wishing away summer. 


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