I was asked a loaded question the other day.
On a social run, I was showing a newcomer some of the local trails.
We talked about my race.
“was it a marathon” she asked?
“It was an ultra” I responded
Her jaw dropped “you ran 100km?!”
It was at this point that she asked the question “so what would a doctor say about that?”
What I should have said, was that you will live a very limited life if you let other people define what’s possible for you.

You see, I’m biased.

A doctor told me to go on pills.
I was told I could never work a full time job.
A psychiatrist told me I would never get better. They labelled me. I accepted.
I listened. I got worse.

For 15 years I let other people define me and what was possible for me.

But then I decided to disagree.

I got a job. I found yoga. I found running.
I was told NOT to go off my pills. I needed them.
I didn’t listen. I got off them. I got better.

The world is full of people trying to tell you what’s best for you. You need to have the courage to define your own path, the courage to question.

I’m told I run too much.
I’m told keto is unhealthy.
I’m told full time work and school is too stressful.
I’m still disagreeing.

What if you disagreed? What would be possible for you?

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