I have a love affair with spring
It’s not because you need ice cleats in the morning and rubber boots by noon.
It’s not because you require a tricky combination of winter AND summer running gear.
Those are too obvious.
It’s because of the smell of the forest when the blanket of snow starts melting away. The chirp of the birds. The sun hanging around a little longer.
Most importantly spring is when I find balance. Most runners start dusting off their running shoes in the spring. Myself, as someone who mostly races in the winter, spring is my recovery. Spring is when I run because I want to, not because I have a schedule that I need to keep. I do more yoga. Take the dogs for long walks.
Let me be clear, this is a strategic approach on my part.
It’s easy to get motivated when the sun is shining and you don’t need seven layers of clothing.
This spring I’m also experimenting with a lower carb intake than usual. With my activity level the lowest it’s been since transitioning to keto, I’m experimenting to see what I can get away with. My ultimate goal is to shed a little bit more body fat. My motivation is less body image, because I’m pleased with where my body has settled since keto (10lbs down, I’m not starving, AND I have calf muscles! Who knew?!)
My motivation is more about being able to run faster.
My experiments with carb levels have led me to the conclusion that 50g net per day is my sweet spot. Everyone is different of course, but I have found that if I dip below that I get the what I call the “keto high” and struggle with sleep. Knowing your body is so important for this lifestyle. Especially as a woman.
On days where I don’t run, I practice intermittent fasting (eating window, 11am-7pm), on days when I do run, I have a coconut milk smoothie for breakfast.
As someone who used to be a carb addict, it still shocks me how little I crave them.
Honestly, bread was my main food group. Followed by sour keys, if you want to get specific.
Now I’m eating Brussel sprouts. Hell hath frozen over.

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